API 6A – Gate Valves Model CX

Technical Specifications

Size 2-1/16″ through 7.1/16″

Pressure Class : 2000 through 5000 PSI

Temperature Rating :  L(-50⁰F) through Y (650⁰F)

Qualifies to Standrad

  • API 6A
  • CE / PED 97/23/EC
  • It is applicable to all valves 6A  and 6D
  • MR0175 / NACE / ISO 15156


  • Pneumatic actuators


  • Welhead Equipments.
  • Chrimas Tree.
  • Manifold and safety shutdown applications.

Salient features

  • Chevron style stem packing is replaceable and can be re-energised by injection between the packing stacks.
  • Expanding Gate – Field Replaceable.
  • The full through conduit bore provides for smooth flow with minimal turbulence.
  • Prevents fluid hammer and hence Low pressure loss across the valve.
  • Long service life and leak tightness.