Manufacturing Facilities

Core Shop In Kolhapur

Highly automated core shop unit with battery of core shooter machines.

  • Core making capacity – 8500 MT/ Month
  • Core sand dryer with sand cooling and fine extraction system.
  • Core sand mixer with auto dosing system.
  • PLC control auto feed trolley for supply of mixed core sand to machine.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Cold box core shooters with 20 Lit. to 120 Lit. Capacity.
  • 5 Axis cold box core shooter machine
  • Shell core shooters.
  • Core storage trolleys in internal core movement.
  • Robotic core painting unit - Synchronized with automatic core drying oven.
  • Auto core paint viscosity controller.
  • Over pouring & dipping process for core coating.
  • Core drying oven - Pallet type & Trolley type.
  • Core sand reclamation for reuse of core sand.