Manufacturing Facilities

Assembly Facility

GPIL has assembly shop to supply machined part assemblies to world wide customers in various sectors.

API 6A Valve Assembly (Upstream Valves & Parts ) 

  • API 6A Gate Valve Assembly - Cast/Forged Body
  • API 6A Gate Valve Assembly with Hydraulic & Pneumatic Actuator
  • API 6A Swing Check Valve Assembly

API 6D Valve Assembly (Mid & Downstream Valves )

  • API 6D DBB Expanding Plug Valve Assembly 
  • API 6D T&T ( Tilt & Turn ) Ball Valve Assembly 
  • API 6D  4 Way Diverter Assembly
  • API 6D Through Conduit Gate Valve Assembly
  • API 6D Swing Check Valve Assembly
  • API 6D Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Assembly
  • API 6D Pig Valve Assembly

Assembly of Actuators Solutions & Accessories

Choose the Leading 4-Way Diverter Valve Manufacturers

When comparing 4-way diverter valve manufacturers, experience matters. At GPIL, we have provided dependable parts for the oil and gas industry for over 60 years. We are one of the top four-way diverter valve manufacturers. Our products are engineered for excellence and reliability.

Choose from a variety of assembly options to suit your operations. Whether you need a double block & bleed plug valve or an expanding plug valve, we can accommodate your project. Our assembly facility produces machined part assemblies for customers around the globe.

Get a quote on an expanding plug valve, double block & bleed plug valve, or any other valve assembly from one of the most trusted four-way diverter valve manufacturers. Contact us today to discuss your needs and for a price quote on valve assemblies.