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3D Printed Cores and Moulds

Prototype Casting Business

We are enhancing our capabilities for prototyping business and small batch requirements with the introduction of a 3D Core and Mould printing facility. When you need to manufacture complex parts with precision and accuracy, 3D printed cores and moulds offer superior results. 
It has been our experience that lately our customers are seeking frequent engineering changes in order to  upgrade their product/technology to meet changing market demands. As such quick launching of new  products, introducing newer technology has become crucial for any business to survive in the current scenario.
However, for upgrading to take place, traditional methods are quite time consuming. Hence, we have come up with  a one-stop solution for our customers to help in the rapid (R&D) development of new products and to fulfil their  small batch requirements.

At Ghatge Patil Industries LTD, we offer solution for this through our facility for Prototyping -Casting backed with machining set up. It will  help to reduce new product development time significantly.
3D printing also helps art to unlock creative potential and make it tangible. This this technology is not only useful  for to our customers in automotive, aerospace, defence, heavy equipment but also in architecture, construction  due to possibility of limitless geometric construction, and size hardly plays a role anymore since we have bigger  machine in India.

We Offer Following Services

  • Rapid prototype casting development : Single piece / batch production
  • 3D sand printed moulds & cores

Advantages 3D sand Printing over Conventional Process for prototype development. 

  • Reduction in lead time: 1-2 weeks for casting development  
  • Improved quality with value addition 
  • Casting weight reduction
  • Improved casting surface finish value
  • High Dimensional accuracy
  • Reduced fettling due to low flashes