Manufacturing Facilities

Research and Development


GPIL’s R&D Centre is engaged in design and development of new products as well as working towards enhancing existing products or processes through innovation.
Activities like design optimization of existing products using value engineering, patent applications, Control of standards and specific certification requirements are also being carried out by the R&D Centre.


Activities carried out at R&D Centre
  • Finite Element Analysis ( FEA )
  • Flow Simulation
  • Experimental Stress Analysis
  • Fire Safe Testing
  • Life Cycle Testing
  • Functional Acceptance Testing
  • Prototype Development
  • Tool Design
Software used
  • Brics CADV13
  • CAM Works
  • UG Nx 10
  • Ideas 6.4
  • Hyper - Mesh
  • Ansys
  • Fluent
  • PropExpert
  • KissSoft - Gear Design

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) 

  • Static Stress Analysis
  • Flow Simulation for valves
  • Gear Analysis
  • Propeller Optimization for fishing vessels

Experimental Stress Analysis (ESA)

To validate the results of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Experimental Stress Analysis (ESA) carried out by fixing strain gauges