Hydraulic Piston Actuator HDX


Omni Model HDX double-acting hydraulic actuators are designed to operate bi-directional sealing, through conduit gate valves in drilling, choke & kill, fracture, work over or other critical production applications. 

Model HDX actuators are used to control the linear position of the valve gate and are used to either open or close the valve through application of hydraulic pressure to one of the actuator’s designated pressure inlet ports.

Omni can provide complete valve assemblies with Model HDX actuators for immediate deployment or can adapt the actuators to valves from other gate valve manufacturers.



The HDX actuators can be adapted to operate gate valves from any manufacturer and can be delivered with alternate materials of construction to meet various field conditions. The HDX actuators can be sized to meet most control pressure ranges.

Over-Pressure Protection

Model HDX actuators come equipped with a pressure relief device to protect personnel from harm and guard against damage to the actuator in case of an over-pressure condition. The pressure relief device is easily inspected and is field replaceable.

Corrosion Protection

Model HDX actuators are internally and externally coated to prevent corrosion and wear due to environmental conditions. All internal components are either stainless steel or are coated to prevent corrosion due to any control pressure contamination.


Model HDX actuators are designed to offer ease of maintenance. All nonmetallic seals and other parts are easily replaceable. Omni stocks redress kits for all sizes of Model HDX actuators.

Available Sizes

Model Size Stroke
HDX 40 4 1⁄2” Up to 7 1⁄16” bore
HDX 60 6 1⁄2” Up to 7 1⁄16” bore
HDX 90 9” Up to 7 1⁄16” bore