Hydraulic Piston Actuator HWX


Omni Model HWX hydraulic wire cutting actuators are designed to operate surface safety or shutdown valves on oil & gas wellhead, transmission, storage, manifold or other applications where fail-safe and wirecutting capabilities are required.

Model HWX actuators can be used for land or off shore installations and are engineered to provide reliable service in a variety of operating conditions.

Model HWX actuators are provided as actuated bonnet assemblies ready to mount on wire cutting valves from other manufacturers. Omni also offers a full range of accessories including standard & fusible manual overrides,  position indicators and fusible lock open devices.



Model HWX actuators can be adapted to operate valves from any manufacturer (interface information is required) and can be delivered with alternate materials of construction if required by field conditions.

Wire Cutting Capability

Model HWX actuators utilize a dual spring system designed to provide return force capable of shearing slickline, wireline, logging or stainless steel cable in typical wellhead applications with zero valve body pressure.

Over-Pressure Protection

Model HWX actuators come equipped with pressure relief devices to protect personnel and guard against damage to the actuator in case of an over pressure condition. The pressure relief device is easily inspected and is field-replaceable.

Structural (Unpressured) Housing

Model HWX actuators have outer housings that are structural and protective only –they are not under hydraulic pressure. This helps protect personnel and equipment in the event of damage to the outer housing.

Backseat & Packing Integrity

Model HWX actuators incorporate bonnet assemblies that have an integrated metalto- metal backseat. A bonnet fitting can also be used to relieve any pressure that might be trapped between the backseat and stem packing after the backseat operation. A tattletale weep port is located above the packing to provide visual confirmation of stem seal integrity during operation. All Model HWX ports can be used to pipe fugitive emissions to a containment vessel, if required.

Corrosion Protection

Model HWX actuator housings are internally and externally coated to prevent corrosion due to environmental conditions. All internal components are either stainless steel or are coated to prevent corrosion due to any contamination that might be present in the control pressure source.


Model HWX actuators are designed for ease of maintenance. All non-metallic seals and other parts are easily replaceable. Omni stocks redress kits for all sizes of Model HWX Actuators. MODEL HWX Fail Safe Wire Cutting Actuator

Available Sizes

Model Size Stroke
HWX 40 4 1⁄2” Up to 4 1⁄16” bore
HWX 60 6 1⁄2” Up tp 7 1⁄16” bore
HWX 90 9” Up to 7 1⁄16” bore
HWX 110 11” Up to 7 1⁄16” bore