Health Safety Environment

Safety Commitment

The management of GPIL Limited is committed to maintain the safety standards of not only its own employees, but also of the employees of its Sub – Contractors. The management will ensure that it complies with laws and statutes applicable in conduct of operations.

GPIL Limited believes in giving equal importance to Safety, Quality and Production. It firmly believes that all accidents can be prevented.

The management is committed to the protection of the environment at workplaces. It will adopt use of environment friendly products and procedures and will ensure that environmental hazards are identified during work and are controlled.

Safety Policy


Safety Promotion

The promotion of Safety within our day-to-day operations is seen as a critical part of our operations. The types of promotion that may be carried out include:

  • Hazard Awareness Campaigns
  • Poster Campaigns
  • Participate in Safety Competitions organised by external agencies like National Safety council, safety promoting organisation, Rotary club, Lions club etc.
  • Near-Miss Reporting & Unsafe work stoppage appreciation.
  • Safety week celebration


Health Management:

It is the policy of GPIL to conduct its activities in a manner that ensures the health of its employees, sub-contractors employees and other persons whom its activities affect. To achieve this, the health management will be carried out in accordance with the prevailing statutes, standards and client’s health standards requirements. The company has set up for cleanliness of shop floor, Ventilation and temperature at the workplace is maintained by the provision of mechanical means. Sufficient urinal and latrine accommodation is provided as per the statutory requirement.

Workplace Monitoring :

To order to providing safe and healthy work environment to employees organization has a set plan for the monitoring the work place exposure of hazards and implement appropriate control measures.
To evaluate the physical health hazards due to ventilation, illumination, temperature, noise, fumes and gases escape in the working environment is measured and maintained as per the statutory requirement.


Environmental Protection :

GPIL is committed to environmental protection and it is the company’s policy carries out its work, taking all necessary precautions to prevent adverse effect on the environment in which its activities are carried out. To achieve the desired standards, the following activities shall be carried out.

Waste Management

At all the locations of work, GPIL will ensure that Waste Management forms an integral part of its activities and by emphasising that managing scrap / waste is a line responsibility. To achieve this, disposal shall be carried out to comply with the rules of municipality, state pollution control regulations and other statutory requirements.

Chemical Management

GPIL will exercise control in handling and use of chemicals, in order to safeguard personnel facilities and environment. To achieve this, Material Safety Data sheets (MSDS) of chemicals are obtained from the Suppliers / dealers before the chemicals are stored, transported within the factory and used to ensure that chemicals are handled safely. The MSDS of each chemical will be obtained by GPIL (as the operations are carried out in their premises).

Once the MSDS is available, the safe practices in storing, handling, using and the disposal of the waste generated will be explained to all who are likely to be affected by the same