Investor Relationships

Investor Relationships

Code of Conduct

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An employee of any Company in the GPI Group shall –

Act both with loyalty and honesty in carrying out the policy and instructions of  his Organization and not undermine its image or reputation,

Direct  all  available  efforts  towards the  success of the  enterprise  rather  than of any individual,

Demonstrate his personal integrity in his contacts and dealings with other people,

Keep reasonable distance in relationships with the Suppliers to ensure that it does not influence the business dealings,

Declare the relationship if any, with a Supplier / Contractor / Customer with whom he is required to have any sort of dealings on behalf of the Company,

Follow the Organization’s policy, which excludes corrupt practices  with regard to the giving or receiving of gifts or benefits and not tolerate any act which could lead to such practices, Politely decline gifts except for eatables (customary at the festival times)in ordinary containers (If the same becomes unavoidable forany reasons whatsoever, it has to be communicated to the Management and the gift must be deposited with the Administration Department),

The  above  clause  specifically  includes  gifts  received  during  foreign  visits,  which would be deposited with the Administration Department for proper  display thereof, for example at the reception area of the Company.

Avoid taking any obligations in the business dealings like using supplier’s /customer’s transport or other facilities, which might be extended specially during outstation travel; and if the same is made use of, keep the Management informed, so that the treatment is reciprocated,

Not misuse his authority or office for personal gains, such as using the services of Company employees for his/her personal jobs.If at all it becomes  unavoidable, seekprior permission of his/her Superiors even if the job is attended to outside  businesshours.

Actively contribute  in  the Organization’s  efforts to  kill the menace  of drugs or  any otherkind of intoxication including tobacco and discourage smoking through his own example.

For general rules & regulations & service conditions the provisions enumerated pertaining to acts of misconduct in Industrial Employment (Standing Orders Act) will be considered valid & applicable. This will be applicable in addition to the clauses referred as above in code of conduct.


Policy Statement

Ghatge Patil Industries expects its employees to achieve and maintain a high standard of ethics, professional conduct and work performance to ensure the Company maintains its reputation with all internal and external stakeholders.


To enhance Ghatge Patil Industries reputation as a quality service provider and an enjoyable, stimulating and challenging place to work.


The policy will be seen to be successfully applied when all employees are seen to perform their duties professionally with skill, care and diligence.  
This includes:

  • Observing Ghatge Patil Industries policies and procedures
  • Treating colleagues with courtesy and with respect for their rights, duties and aspirations
  • Employees who do not conform to this standard of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action as detailed in this manual

Gifts & Gratuities

Ghatge Patil Industries is committed to ensuring all business relationships with suppliers and clients are legal and based on professional integrity.

Managers should be notified when a gratuity has been received. If the gratuity has been received as a thank you for work performed then it should be noted on the employee’s personal file to ensure it is included in the employee’s next appraisal.

No employee may give a gratuity to a client without prior approval from management, such gratuities must always be part of an approved program of customer relationship management and specific gifts will be purchased centrally in appropriate quantities with management approval.