API 6A – Swing Check Valve Model 6A SCV

Model SCV is designed for oil and natural gas industry or other critical service applications with ASME pressure class from 150 to 1500.

Technical Specifications are

Size :- 1-13/16” through 4-1/16”

Pressure Class :- 2000 through 5000 PSI

Temperature Rating

  • L(-50⁰F) through Y (650⁰F)
  • Qualifies to Standrad


  • CE / PED 97/23/EC
  • ISO 9001-2008

Salient Features

  • Inline maintenance.
  • Allows pigging & hot tapping.
  • Protect the integrity of upstream equipment.
  • Anti slamming Device available above.


  • Off shore or on shore pipeline system on product or service lines.

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Our API 6A swing check valve is a versatile solution for offshore or onshore applications. It can withstand high temperatures and allow inline maintenance, pigging, and hot tapping. This model also meets API 6A standards.

The efficiency of your operations depends largely on the quality of the parts. If you want reliable results, only work with the best swing check valve manufacturers.

GPIL stands out among swing check valve manufacturers due to our commitment to quality. All parts are carefully engineered, manufactured, and tested for durability. You can depend on our swing check valves for efficient use in your oil or natural gas projects. Contact us to receive a price quote on the swing check valve that fits your needs.

High Quality Engineering by Swing Check Valve Manufacturers

Swing check valves are commonly used in the oil and gas industry due to their reliability and efficiency. These valves are used to prevent backflow and to ensure the flow of liquids, such as oil and gas, only in one direction, ensuring safety even in harsh conditions. Ghatge Patil Industries LTD is your source for high quality swing check valves designed for versatile use. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, we create outstanding solutions that deliver quality at every step of the process. Our API 6A swing check valve is precision engineered to cater to the demanding needs of your work.

How are Swing Check Valves Used in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Swing check valves are designed with two main parts: the body, which houses the valve, and the disc. The valve is designed to open when the pressure of the fluid in the pipeline is greater than the pressure of the backflow, and it closes when the pressure of the backflow is greater than the pressure of the fluid in the pipeline. Swing check valves by GPIL are used in a variety of applications in the oil and gas industry, including pumps, compressors, and separators, and are able to handle the extreme temperatures common in these environments.

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