Manufacturing Facilities

Testing Facilities

API 6A High-Pressure Valve Testing

Testing equipment in accordance with API 6A testing requirement.

  • High pressure hydrostatic testing bed in accordance with API 6A
  • Type test facility as per API 6A-Annex-F PR2
  • Pneumatic Actuator Testing Facility (API 6A, PR1 & Pr2)

Reliable API 6A High-Pressure Valve Manufacturers

We are one of the leading API 6 valve manufacturers due to our commitment to quality assurance. At GPIL, all high-pressure valves are tested in accordance with all applicable testing requirements, including API 6A testing.

API Spec 6A is the International Standard for oil and gas wellhead equipment, such as gate valves, actuators, and other GPIL products. As part of the testing process, equipment is subject to hydrostatic body proof tests, ensuring that our components can hold up to high-pressure applications.

We have over 60 years of experience and a wide range of solutions to suit your operations. Browse our selection of high-pressure valves that you can count on for reliable service in the harshest conditions.