Manufacturing Facilities

Total foundry capacity is 10,000 MT / month GPI established in 1960 is one of the leading foundry in India for manufacturing of 'graded Gray iron and Nodular iron castings' with in-house machining facility.

Moulding and sand plant facilities In Kolhapur

Fully automated high pressure moulding line 

  GPI Plant - I  GPI Plant - II
Box Size :   1150 x 750 x 400 mm Cope.
                     1150 x 750 x 350 mm Drag.
1200 X 800 X 375 mm Cope  
1200 X 800 X 350 mm Drag
Capacity :   3500 MT/ Month  6500 MT/ Month


  • Fully automated sand preparation plant with auto sand Controller System.
  • Moulding line is supported with Auto core setting unit
  • Robotic  auto vent drilling unit. 
  • Casting cooling in sand with jacket type cooling system 
  • Inline primary sand testing lab.
  • De-coring using Manipulator.

Discover the Top Cast-Iron Foundry in India

At GPIL, we have a state-of-the-art cast-iron foundry in India to deliver superior parts to our clients around the globe. Whether you need durable gearbox housing, axle housing, or any other gray iron or nodular iron castings, we have you covered. Established in 1960, we are one of the oldest and most trusted foundries in the country.

Our SG iron foundry can produce a diverse range of parts to suit your needs, such as:

  • Flywheel housing
  • Clutch housing
  • Gearbox housing
  • Axle housing

The total capacity of our gray iron foundry in India surpasses other cylinder heads manufacturers. We are well-equipped to meet your needs. Our graded gray iron foundry in India also includes an in-house machining facility.

Flywheel housing and clutch housing are a couple of examples of components commonly fabricated at our SG iron foundry. However, we offer versatile solutions. No matter the project, we can work with you to create a casting to your specifications.